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      Full of experience for many years LIMING

      We will provide high quality motors and best after- sell service

      We have a experienced R&D team and strong technical force.

      Introduce advanced testing and production equipment, such as high speed punch, CNC lathe, automatic winding machine, automatic winding embeding machine. Which ensure the high quality. High quality material, scientific management and 100% strict test, all of these help our factory lie on the top of the small motor industry. Our products have passed the CCC and CE Certification.

      Liming Motor have been the leading brand in the industry based on 24 years’ hard work

      Now we have 36 series and more than 500 models of motors . Our motors are widely applied in  elevator fan, ventilation fan, air purifier, transformer blower fan, fan filter unit, hand dryer, induced draft fan, milk and bear mixer, massage machine, shoes making machine, range hood, noodle machine, vegetable washer, exhaust fan, ceiling  fan, air cooler, medical equipment, instrument radiator fan, etc.



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